I’ll look for it all for you: I’ll find and correct any mistakes in grammar, spelling, consistency, punctuation, awkward wording, and the like. Includes a cover page detailing the types of errors found and how to improve.

Nearly ready to submit your work? I’ll go over your writing and make sure it’s 100% perfect and ready to submit.

Sensitivity Read
No one is perfect; let me help you ensure your writing does not include any implicit bias, biased language, or other unintentional racist connotations. With my dedication to anti-racism and queer lived experience, I’ll help guide your language.

Fact Check
Have a fact-heavy project? I’ll go through and check all facts for you. Includes a list of sources used to check each fact and notes on each misrepresented statement/inconsistency.

Please reach out to me directly on projects that require more than one of the services above or about any services not listed.

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